Heading out for the holidays? We’ve got you covered

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Holiday travel can be stressful: the airports are crowded, the ticket prices are high, and there’s lots to take care of at home before you take off for your vacation. Fortunately, we can take care of your home once you do leave, and you won’t need to worry while you’re enjoying time with loved ones.

Mallory Square offers the Away From Home concierge service for our busy, on-the-go residents.

Take Care of Plants & Animals

Away From Home services takes care of it all. If your cat is left behind during your holiday travels, you can enlist the help of the concierge service to feed him and give him water. If you’re worried that your plants will wilt while you’re gone, Away From Home is happy to ensure they get plenty of water and sun.

Get Your Holiday Packages

Don’t worry about all of those presents and cards you’ll be sent for the holidays. Away From Home will collect your mail, and leave it waiting for you in your apartment. There’s no need to worry about your mailbox getting full, or your package sitting around.

Know that Everything is Safe at Home 

Our concierge service ensures that someone is keeping an eye on your home while you’re gone. If you left the lights on and wanted them off, there’s someone to take care of it. If you’re worried you left a window open, Away From Home’s got you covered. If Away From Home notices something wrong with electronics or anything else in your apartment, they’ll let you know. No one else will need to know you’re gone; your home will be checked and remain safe and secure.

Whatever you need, let us know

If a service that you are interested in isn’t listed here, you can let Away From Home Know! It may be something they can provide.

It’s easier to enjoy your vacation when you know everything else is in order. So during the holidays, or any time you are traveling, stress less knowing you can choose our Away From Home service any time you need it.

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