Potluck Problems? We’ve Got Solutions!

Preparing for a last-minute potluck

Sometimes, the office holiday potluck sneaks up on you, or your friend asks you to bring something to their annual Christmas party at the very last minute. It’s a great excuse to spend some time in your chef-inspired kitchen at Mallory Square, use those beautiful built-in stainless steel Energy Star appliances, and get in the holiday spirit. So get cooking! 

We’ve got some easy, last minute potluck recipes for you that’ll serve your office or a large party:

Cranberry-Pecan Brie

This dish may require you to run to the store, but it only mandates a few ingredients, and takes no more than 30 minutes to make. The best part is, it’s so easy to prepare that you can make two if the size of your party is extra large. Just double the recipe! It’s best served warm – you can always stick it in the oven or microwave it for a few minutes to reheat.


This recipe makes 36 blondies. Again, you can double it if necessary; there’s lots of easy-to-clean granite counter space in your kitchen. These blondies are as simple to make as homemade brownies; the key is to use lots of good-quality vanilla.

Shrimp with Spiced Cocktail Sauce

You’ll probably spend more time gathering ingredients than actually making this classic holiday party spread. This is no-bake; just buy pre-cooked shrimp and mix together the necessary sauce ingredients.

Sweet ‘n Sassy Meatballs

This recipe makes about 52 servings; it’s easy to accommodate a crowd. But watch out, they’ll go fast. The sweet and savory combination is delectable!

Another warning: they can get a little messy to make. Fortunately, your kitchen’s wood-look floors are dark and easy to clean if you spill. A mosaic tile backsplash is also easy to wipe down. More importantly, it protects your kitchen walls, all while adding decorative detail.

Cooking is easy in your Mallory Square kitchen; sleek 42”cabinets offer lots of storage space, and the frosted glass accent panels add a modern flair. There’s also lots of light; floor to ceiling windows impart brightness within your cooking space. This kitchen is a place you’ll want to spend time, especially with so many deliciously simple holiday recipes!

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