Easy Living for Your Guests at Mallory Square

When you move to the DC area, people love to visit. Friends and family come out of the woodwork, eager to experience the nation’s capital and take advantage of a place to stay. Make your life easier, and theirs, by utilizing the guest suite available to Mallory Square residents.

Save Money

If you need your space, but don’t want to require your guests to pay for a hotel, the guest suite at Mallory Square is a perfect alternative. They can enjoy all of the first-class amenities available, without paying for a pricey hotel, including coffee and tea service, on-site retail, a 24-hour fitness center, and a cyber café with coffee bar. By saving money on a hotel, you and your guests can spend more time exploring the fine dining, shopping, and sights the city has to offer.

Save Time

No need to pick up your guest from another location, or arrange a meeting place. With your friend or family member on the premises, it’s easy to spend quality time together. If you feel like staying in instead of sight seeing, you can share in the luxury of the Mallory Square community with a visit to the pool, a trip to the yoga studio, or a movie night at the outdoor movie theater. Entertaining your guests is easier when they’re close by, and your community has so much to offer.

Save Space

Regardless of how large your apartment is, space can feel tight with new people in it. Your guest doesn’t need to worry about intruding, and you can keep your space to yourself, with the guest suite. Your visitor has optimal privacy, and both of you can enjoy your time together as well as alone. By taking advantage of the guest suite, both of you can truly enjoy the visit.

We all love having visitors, but it can be stressful if they are always with you, or if you need to pick them up from their hotel every day. Guest suites make everything more manageable. Your friends and family will love visiting, and you’ll love having them, with this luxurious alternative to a hotel. Pack away that air mattress; no need to buy a fold out couch. Enjoy your company in style at Mallory Square.

Image: Katie Shelton

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