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New Apartment, New Fitness Routine!

Most people make some sort of get-fit resolution for the New Year, but it can be hard to stick to it; gyms are crowded with other newly committed exercisers, and snowy weather can make it difficult just to get to the gym.

However, neither of these things are problems when you live at Mallory Square. Our fitness center is on-site for our residents, and open 24 hours a day.

If working out is a challenge for you, find motivation through these great ways to start your routine at the Mallory Square fitness center!

Pick something you actually like

This is something of a no-brainer. It’s a lot easier to make a commitment to your workout if it’s something you want to do. You won’t spend as much time looking for excuses, and you will put more effort into the workout because you’re having fun.

Luckily, the Mallory Square fitness center affords you the opportunity to try out different routines to see what you most enjoy. We have a variety of high-end cardio machines and free weights. This makes it easy to explore circuit training and strength training, or improve the speed of your mile run.

Pass the time while you’re on a machine

Entertain yourself during your workout! Our fitness center is equipped with Apple TV so you can binge watch your favorite show, or put on something to inspire you. Try watching “Workout,” a reality series about a personal trainer to celebrity clients, available on Netflix. Or, for further motivation, access Apple TV’s Workout TV, which offers exercise videos from trainers and magazines.

Try something you’ve always been curious about

Have you ever wanted to try spinning or yoga? Our fitness center hosts a yoga and spinning studio, making it easy to try out some popular fitness routines. Yoga is a great way to develop an exercise routine; it’s a low-impact workout that also elevates your heart rate and improves your flexibility. It can also be extremely relaxing and introspective.

If you prefer something more vigorous, try spinning. It makes exercise easier to commit to because it doesn’t feel like a chore. Spinning is set to music, and it’s easy to get caught up in keeping rhythm with the beat. It’s hard work on the legs, but can yield some great results.

Snow can’t stop you. Crowds can’t stop you. It’s easy to make and stick to your fitness routine commitment at Mallory Square, where living well is part of the lifestyle.

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