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Live Clean and Go Green at Mallory Square

Live Clean & Go Green at Mallory Square

One essential element of living a healthy lifestyle is being cognizant of what you do for, and to, the environment. When you live in a city as beautiful as Rockville, you want to preserve the beauty of your community. Your eco-friendly apartment at Mallory Square can help you accomplish this. When searching for eco-friendly apartments in Rockville, Maryland, Mallory Square should be your only choice.

Our eco-friendly apartments stand out among Rockville apartments with green features. You can view the array of features and amenities available to you here, but key aspects our environmentally friendly apartments in Rockville are highlighted below. Ready to live clean and go green at Mallory Square? Read on…

Live Clean

Energy Star appliances are already implemented in your eco-friendly apartment. Energy Star refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, etcetera are all energy-efficient products. This means that they save money, while saving energy. These savings happen without compromising quality; Energy Star appliances are highly rated, sleek in appearance, and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Rockville apartments with green features are hard to find. Rockville apartments with green features that make your life more comfortable, and save you money are even more unique. That’s what makes Mallory Square so special.

Live Easy

Car charging stations are on the premises at Mallory Square. It’s not just your apartment that’s environmentally-friendly, but the entire community. If you have an electric car, it’s easy to keep it powered up when you live here. No need to seek out EV charging stations in the city. We make environmentally friendly living easy and convenient at our beautiful, eco-friendly Rockville apartments.

Live Green

Biking has become increasingly popular in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. Commuters have switched from cars or Metro trains to bicycles, and residents have taken up biking as a low-impact form of exercise that gets you where you need to go—without a big carbon footprint. When you do need a car for that trip to the grocery store, we have a ZipCar discount available for your convenience.

We encourage residents of our green Rockville apartments to ride their bikes, and we reward those who do with onsite bicycle storage, a repair station, and even a bike-share station. Bike-shares enable you to essentially rent a bicycle for a period of time, and return it to the station. We believe every Rockville apartment that has green features should make it easy to care for your community.

An eco-friendly apartment in Maryland isn’t truly green unless it has lots of grassy space. That’s why we also boast lots of green walking paths for you and your pet, all just outside your front door.

Apartments in Rockville that are eco-friendly, elegant, fun to live in, and conveniently located are hard to come by. Some may say this is asking a lot of where you live. We believe you really can have it all, here at your eco-friendly apartment in Mallory Square.

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