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Work From Home Around Mallory Square

You don’t need to go far from the comfort of home when you live at Mallory Square, and there’s work to be done. There are a variety of spaces where you can get your work accomplished, and easily focus on the task at hand. Here are some of our favorite places to work from home around Mallory Square:


The Comfort of Your Own Apartment:

You can easily stay focused in your own apartment when you find the right spot, where you can eliminate distractions. Among the available upgrades you can choose for your home are architectural, frosted-glass barn-door room dividers. This is a great way to section off your own personal workspace. Otherwise, turn a spare bedroom or empty “nook” into an office. Having a designated office area is key to staying focused at home.

Your Mallory Square apartment also has an open and light-filled layout. With lots of sun streaming in and a hot cup of coffee next to you, you can easily sit at your desk and feel awake, alert, and energized by your environment.

Eliminate Distractions: Worried about your dog barking or the temptation of the television (or bed, let’s be honest)? Put on classical music to stay alert but relaxed, and cancel out any peripheral noise. Put yourself in a space where the TV and your bed are neither visible nor readily accessible. Light a candle to create a pleasant atmosphere at your desk.


The Comfort of Your Own Community:

The Mallory Square community incorporates an executive-style conference room, replete with amenities necessary for any business. You can conduct meetings here, or utilize the space to make important phone calls. It’s easy to keep distractions at bay in this professional, secluded environment.

Some people like to have other people around them while they work. If you’re one of them, try the Mallory Square lobby, which has plush, comfortable seating as well as a coffee bar. This keeps caffeine, a workplace essential, in easy reach.

Eliminate Distractions: An iPod docking station in the lobby enables you to keep your phone charged, so you don’t have to leave your workstation. This also makes it easy to put on some music and plug in your headphones so you won’t be disturbed. The coffee bar keeps you from getting up to head to Starbucks or your apartment.


Within Your Neighborhood

Starbucks – Isn’t it nice to know that the old standby, Starbucks, with its free WiFi and tasty food and drink, is so close? Grab a latte and take advantage of the opportunity to get out of the “house,” while still working in a comfortable place.

Barnes & Noble – If you’re looking for an even quieter atmosphere, try the local bookstore. Barnes & Noble is not usually a loud place, and if you need to look something up, resources are just bookshelves away. You can sit in the café and enjoy food and classical music.

Eliminate Distractions – Bring headphones in case someone has a particularly loud conversation. Also, make sure you bring a laptop charger, and situate yourself in a spot that is cozy and away from too much foot traffic. The great thing about both of these spots is that you can easily take a quick break with some people watching.
Find your workspace in or around Mallory Square today.  Contact us online for more information, or call us at 877.217.0496 to choose a floor plan with upgrades that suit your work-at-home needs.


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