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Quick Fixes for Apartment Mishaps

Small problems can come up any time you move into a new apartment, but they don’t need to become big ones. Maybe a painting won’t stay straight on the wall. Perhaps your area rug keeps moving. Our goal is to help you feel completely comfortable in your Mallory Square apartment, so we’ve come up with quick fixes for apartment mishaps:


Maintenance Issue

If your “mishap” is something we can fix, we’d love to help. Our services are award-winning for a reason; our 24-hour emergency maintenance is available to help you at a moment’s notice. You can easily contact maintenance by phone or through BuildingLink, which puts the assistance you need just a click away.


Sliding area rug

We all love our throw rugs. They add color to a space, make the floor warmer, and impart texture into the room. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be an accident waiting to happen. There are several ways to fix a sliding area rug:

  1. Apply lines of acrylic or silicone caulking vertically, six inches apart on the back of the rug.  Wait for it to dry before putting down the rug.
  2. Purchase double-stick carpet tape, available at stores like Target or Walmart.
  3. Buy a non-slip rug pad, available at a hardware store.


Crooked or falling wall hanging

You hang it up, then stand back to inspect—crooked. You move in to fix it, and it falls off of the wall. In frustration, you take the hanging off the wall, put it in your closet, and it never sees the light of day again. Don’t lose out on decorating with a great piece of art. Instead, fix a wall hanging easily with these options:


  1. For a crooked picture that keeps turning, try using a second hook to balance out the opposing side. Many frames are simply too wide for one hanging hook.
  2. Use rubber feet like these, which adhere to the back of the picture and help it to grip the wall by providing just enough friction.
  3. Use at least two D-rings or J-hooks (available at a hardware store) for hanging heavy pictures.
  4. Always buy hanging hooks that can support more weight than the load.


Fruit flies

Fruit flies are one of the most unpleasant apartment mishaps you may encounter. To prevent them from happening in the first place, try not to leave out unrefrigerated produce, especially ripened onions, tomatoes, or potatoes. Also, keep your garbage cans free of spilled food or juice. You can get rid of any fruit flies that have popped up by purchasing a fruit fly trap, or making your own using the instructions included here.


Smelly garbage disposal

Even though garbage disposals are self-cleaning, it’s easy for grime to build up inside of them. To restore a disposal’s freshness, put a stopper in your sink, add dish soap, then remove the stopper and run the disposal. Add some ice cubes and kosher salt to the mix, and impart a citrusy smell with some lemon peels.

We don’t anticipate that you’ll have any problems with your new Mallory Square apartment. But if anything crops up, we’re here to help. You can obtain more information about our unparalleled resident services, including maintenance, here.


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