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Spring Cleaning Made Easy

The weather is warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and you can feel summer just around the corner. Springtime in Rockville brings with it lots of outdoor activities and opportunities to eat, exercise, and entertain outside. So don’t spend all of your time indoors cleaning your apartment. Get your spring cleaning done quickly and easily with these tips for our Mallory Square residents.


Spring Cleaning Made Easy


Stay Organized as You Get Organized

Whether you are de-cluttering and organizing your closet or your cabinets, we recommend purchasing plastic bins where you can place items. This is so much more efficient than making random piles. By staying organized, you spend a lot less time trying to figure out what was supposed to go where. Make one bin for items to donate or sell, and section out other bins for different rooms or different parts of your closet or cabinet. Head to your local Target, less than two miles away in Gaithersburg for supplies.


Focus on Foot Traffic

Your apartment is still shiny and new, so focus your attention on areas that likely need the most TLC. In terms of floors, carpets, and any area rugs you have, spend time cleaning portions of your home where you and your guests walk a lot. This is probably near entryways and where people eat. In these areas, vacuum on top of and underneath rugs. Scan for stains and apply stain remover as needed.


No Scouring Needed

Get rid of that burnt popcorn smell or those stains from splattered spaghetti sauce without having to scour your microwave. You can deodorize and clean it in one fell swoop with a lemon cut in half. Sprinkle the lemon with kosher salt, then use it like a cloth to clean your microwave. If old food odors are your only concern, just place a bowl of white vinegar inside of the microwave with the door shut for a couple of hours.


Clean Your Curtains

It can be time-consuming and tedious to take down your curtains and put them in the washing machine, then re-hang them. Just rent a steam cleaner if you don’t already have one, and use it to clean them in a couple of minutes. Rug Doctor steam cleaners are often available for rent at the grocery store, so head to your nearby Safeway less than half a mile away.


Ready to go? Good! Get to cleaning. Then you can enjoy the beautiful weather and activities that come with springtime. Check out our website to learn more about  your new neighborhood, and plan your spring activities!


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