How To Quickly Clean Your Apartment

We've all been there....

A friend calls and says they’re five minutes away from your place and they’re dropping off your kids sweatshirt they left at their house the weekend before (or whatever the case may be). You graciously thank them, hang up the phone and look around your apartment slightly panicking. Dishes in the sink, tennis shoes in the living room, dust on the coffee table.

Don’t worry! We’ve come up with a couple of tips to get your apartment to appear clean quickly. *Appear is the key word here, really who has time to really clean in a few minutes?

  • Toilets, Tabletops, the Television. What? The television? Yes!  Most living rooms are centered around your tv and the amount of dust that hangs on it, your netflix stack and dvd box set pile that’s off to one side could be tell tale signs of why the rest of your house isn’t exactly spotless. The other T’s are for obvious reasons.
  • Stash like a Boss! We’ve all been known to throw stuff in a spare bedroom or a closet in a pinch, but can’t remember where we put it after our guests leave. Put baskets in your closet closest to your room. That way you won’t loose that grocery list (or your car keys) again.
  • Dishes Be Gone in seconds! How? Put them in your oven. That’s right, your oven. Grab a baking sheet and throw your dirty dishes in the oven. After your guests leave you can pull them out and wash them afterwards. We’re all about being efficient here, don’t judge.

Ultimately we should try to spend 5 minutes per day cleaning our apartments. In this situation we’re talking about last minute company, not preparing all week long for them to come! Think about how much you can clean in those few minutes before they arrive. With traffic and parking and walking up your stairs, 5 minutes is a safe estimate. Bring that panic to your life every day and clean with the same intensity for just 5 minutes and your house will always look better for it.


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