Meet Team Mallory

See if you can guess which team member this is by the answers below!

Where are you originally from? I am originally from White Plains, NY.
How long have you worked for Mallory Square/Bozzuto? I have been a Bozzuto employee for six months.
What is your favorite Mallory Square amenity? I enjoy the gym…it is a nice size!
What is your favorite place to eat around Mallory Square? Coastal Flats has good food!
What is your favorite kind of music or group? I enjoy all types of music…currently enjoying, “A Tribe Called Quest” & “The Police.”
What do you love about Mallory Square? I love building a rapport and joking around with residents!
What is one fall activity you always look forward to around town? Fall is my favorite season as I enjoy the cool temperature…Haunted House with friends!
What is the first word that comes to mind to describe yourself? Unfinished.
Favorite quote? “Happiness is a journey…not a destination.”
If you can guess who this person is on Team Mallory we’ll give one person a $10  Dunkin Doughnuts Gift Card!


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