Fall Has Arrived

Fall is here and as it happens each year, the temps have started to drop. The next few chilly months will inevitably be spent inside to avoid the cold frigid air of fall and winter. Why not revamp your interior to make the next few months of hibernation a little bit cozier? Here are a few ideas:

Refresh your space with seasonal DIY air fresheners.
Melissa from Cleanmyspace.com offers tons of easy, natural ways to deodorize your apartment by simply simmering various spices, herbs and fruits on the stove. Check out all her recipes here!

Bring the outdoors in.
Martha Stewart’s flaming foliage candleholders are the perfect way to display the beautiful colors of fall for months to come. Simply collect a handful of colorful leaves from outside and you’re on your way!

Repurpose old bottles.
Momtastic’s DIY: Jute Wrapped Bottles tutorial offers a great way to repurpose old wine, vinegar, or olive oil bottles into festive centerpieces or holiday gifts. Feeling extra crafty? Attach colorful ribbons, yarn or inspirational words to the outside of the bottles.

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