Get Fit This Year At Mallory Square

This week we sat down with Mallory Square personal trainer, Javier Carvajal, to talk all things fitness. Javier has quite an interesting background. On top of being a skilled personal trainer, he has worked as a stuntman, trained famous actors, and trained in Martial Arts since the age of 7. He founded Cima Studios (Centro Internacional Martial Arts) in 2000 and has created several programs such as the No Limits Program for special needs kids with Autism and various intense cardio kickboxing and bags workout programs. Javier also has experience training police departments in defensive tactics, training members of the US Special Forces, and serving as a personal bodyguard to many celebrities.

When it comes to trusting someone with your personal fitness, Javier is the absolute right person to go to for advice. Read on for some wonderful fitness tips from fitness guru, Javier Carvajal.

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How did you get your start in personal training?
I have exercised all my life. I love to exercise and stay fit. It’s my passion and it’s very good for your health. At some point in my life I realized that I loved sharing my experience with others. Personal training is also a way to help people, which I really love.

What are some of your areas of expertise?
My areas of expertise include body mechanics, understanding how muscles work, how to lose weight, and body toning.

What are some of the advantages of working out with a personal trainer?
You can really concentrate on the person you are working with when you work out with a personal trainer. With that one on one communication, you can monitor diet and exercise to obtain faster results.

What’s the best part of the Mallory Square Fitness Center?
The gym is fully equipped. There is a cardio room and a weight room. Mallory Square has an area for personal workouts as well as group activities. There are also plenty of machines to complement the workouts chosen by the participants.

Do you have a favorite piece equipment or exercise you like to do in the Mallory Square Fitness Center?
I don’t have just one favorite piece of equipment. Everything you need is here, allowing the participant to focus on different parts of the body in order to remain fit and toned. It’s important to rest muscles once they’ve been exhausted and the best way to do that is by alternating workouts. The environment inside the Mallory Square Fitness Center is excellent.

This time of year, we’re always hearing about people making New Year’s resolutions to stay fit.
Any tips for helping people stick with their resolutions?
One of the best tips is diet. Diet is very very important, plus the exercise we do in the Mallory Square Fitness Center.

How many times should someone work out per week?
Minimum three times a week and mix cardio and weights for toning.

Anything else people should know about you or your personal training services?
I love to teach, I have lots of experience, lots of clients and most importantly, I love what I do!

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and talk with us this week, Javier! The Mallory Square Fitness Center really does have everything you could need to stay healthy this year. If you called Mallory Square home, you too could enjoy the 24 hour fitness center, complete with a big screen tv, and all the equipment even the most hardcore fitness lover could want. Cardio machines are equipped with social media, personal TVs, and music listening capabilities. The yoga/spin room is fully equipped with spin bikes, yoga equipment, and fitness on demand. Contact us today to make Mallory Square your next home so you too can enjoy the Mallory Square Fitness Center!












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