An Evening with Your New Amazon Echo

Get a FREE Amazon Echo, today’s hottest tech tool, with a signed lease during the months of March and April 2016. You’ll get two free months of rent as well. The Amazon Echo (retail value $180) is designed around your voice and features the audio concierge, Alexa.

Let’s imagine a night alone with your new virtual assistant, Alexa.

Date Night with Alexa
As you arrive home, instruct Alexa to turn on the designer pendant lights with a vocal command. As you unpack a bag of groceries, select a playlist from Spotify and jam to the 80s channel as you unload your kale and Diet Coke.

Access the temperature control in your crisper drawer via an audio command, utilizing the Wi-Fi optimized refrigerator programming.

Ask Alexa to check the weather and discover that a rain storm is rolling in, effectively canceling your plans for a quick run. Check your FitBit device to see if you have hit your daily steps and celebrate that you did!

Adjust the thermostat with a single command ahead of the impending storm.

Pour a pour of glass and check your credit card balance, assuring that you have enough money in your account to order your favorite takeout. (You are in the black because you just got two months of rent for free.) Take a few laps around the kitchen island to preemptively burn off some calories.

Throughout the evening, request sports scores and check in the newest presidential updates. Immediately instruct Alexa to check into flights and relocation to Canada.

Later that night, have Alexa read you a bedtime story and drift off to sleep.

The Amazon Echo offers hands-free convenience and is continuously learning, with new, expanded offerings every month. She does everything from control appliance and devices to call your mother.

Stellar Reviews
Don’t take our word for it. Check out these reviews from the top tech sites including PCMag, CNet, Techhive, and these YouTube videos (1 and 2).

Get your Free Amazon Echo and two free months of rent when you sign a lease at Mallory Square during the months of March and April.

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