A Very Mallory Day

What does spending an entire day at Mallory look like? It looks like a lot of fun, relaxation and zero commuting woes.

Picture it. You wake up when you feel like it, roll out of bed and into Dunkin Donuts on the bottom floor of Mallory for some much needed coffee and doughnuts.

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You feel a little guilty for the number of doughnuts you ate, so you decide to work it off at Mallory’s state-of-the-art fitness center.

Mallory Square Apartments Fitness Center (2)

To reward yourself for being such a go-getter so early in the A.M., it’s time to hit up the pool life for some midday R and R.


When the heat of the day gets to be too much, you decide to slip into Mallory’s movie theatre to catch a movie and grab a snack from the snack bar on the way. So far this day isn’t too shabby. The movie made you sleepy so you mosey your way back to your home for an afternoon catnap before your friends come over for some grilling by the pool.


After dinner, you all head to the Club Room for some billiards, cocktails and cap off the night lounging by the fireplace.


That’s a very Mallory Day.

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