Up Your Workout Game With Mallory Square’s Newest Equipment

High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage, and Mallory Square is on top of its fitness game, because we just added a Nexersys Kickboxing Machine!

Mallory’s Fitness Center is home to the best workout equipment, but this new machine is taking it to the next level. The kickboxing machine features seven strike pads in three strike zones and an on-board, interactive trainer to motivate users to work harder.

Don’t be intimidated, it has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and there is an introductory workout for new users. (Which will be all us at Mallory!)

The amount of features this new equipment offers is out of this world! You can personalize workouts by logging into the machine. Programming progresses workouts based on performance and gives immediate feedback after each round.

This machine is so smart and takes the guess-work out of working out, because it has over 100 personal training videos for cardio, core, strike and technique.

Training rounds include 30-second warm up, three minutes of active exercise and a 30-second cool down.

We are ready to kickbox ASAP, are you? Check it out in the Mallory Square Fitness Center during your next workout.

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