Getting Business Done the Mallory Way

Work and life go hand-in-hand, we get it. We know that sometimes leaving the office doesn’t mean really leaving work. We know how strenuous it can be to try to get things accomplished in your house, when there are a million other things to do other than work.

When your home gets too distracting, slip downstairs to work on your laptop in one of our plush lounging areas, with our free wifi in all of our common areas.

Use our complimentary coffee bar, because we know your workday, or work that lasts long into the night, can’t get accomplished without lots of caffeine.

If you can’t find a good place to meet your colleagues for an impromptu meeting, use our executive-style conference room. It is a great place to make a good impression and important decisions.

That’s how business gets done the Mallory Way.

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