Work in Rockville? Live at Mallory Square

Rockville, MD is quickly becoming the epicenter of industry. Hundreds of companies have made Rockville their home, and we have the perfect home for those companies’ employees — Mallory Square.

Glaxo Smith Kline, Otsuka America, Sucampo Pharmaceutical and more have facilities in Rockville, close to Mallory Square, and we have all of the reasons you should move to Mallory Square if you work at one of those companies, or others in Rockville.

Mallory Square is the perfect way to live the resort lifestyle when you aren’t working, but be close enough to work to not worry about the commute.

Like all Bozzuto properties, Mallory Square brings the luxury game up a notch in its services, design, amenities, features, events and more.

Think open, light-filled spaces, with all of the upgrades you could possibly want, no maintenance, and all of the benefits. That sounds like the perfect place to call home.

When you need a break from the craziness that your job can be sometimes, Mallory Square is close to the Rockville Town Center, which is bursting with great places to eat, drink and mingle after a long, hard day at work.

You may have to work to live, but you can’t forget about the living part. If Rockville is where your company calls home, we want you to call Mallory Square home.

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