Pizza CS Serves Old-Fashioned Italian Pies With a Fun Atmosphere

Traditional Neapolitan pizza in a fast-casual atmosphere is just what Rockville locals love about Pizza CS, an honest and simple pizzeria on Rockville Pike. Pizza CS tosses fresh bread dough made with wholesome, natural and locally sourced ingredients to create traditional pies like the ones from the old days.

Guests love the laid-back atmosphere Pizza CS provides, and say the owner’s strong presence here reaffirms their promise of quality. This pizza spot also offers salads, Aranciata, and Italian wine, as well as a free foosball table. Modern gray and red walls, plenty of light wooden bistro chairs, and funky abstract art make this joint a welcoming and unpretentious spot to enjoy cheese-smothered pies, each of which are baked in their silver and black-tiled pizza oven. No matter what size your group is, folks say Pizza CS will accommodate you, and even welcome you to stick around to try their sweet mango ice cream dessert.

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