Wondering Where to Go On Taco Tuesday? Try Ixtapalapa Taqueria

Ixtapalapa Taqueria bills itself as a restaurant where you'll enjoy fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine, and a quick glance at the menu shows exactly what that means. This is the kind of place where you might savor an order of conchinita pibil, with its signature citrus-achiote flavors, or bite into a fiery chorizo sausage.

The menu at this popular Gaithersburg restaurant also features traditional dishes like cachete (seasoned beef cheek) and pozole (pork and hominy soup), as well as a range of sides, such as the frijoles, which are a simple but tasty option. There’s no question, however, that tacos are the overwhelming favorite among most customers here. Order yourself a couple from the mix-and-match menu, then sit down to enjoy your meal in the restaurant's recently renovated dining room.

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