Black Lion Cafe Pours High Quality Coffees From Across the Globe

The Ethiopian regions of Sidama, Harrar, and Yirachefe boast some of the finest coffee farms in the world. Beans from Harrar are typically washed and then allowed to dry in the sun, after which they create a mocha flavor when brewed. Yirachefe beans, on the other hand, emit hints of citrus fruits and flowers in each sip. You can taste-test all of these high-quality coffees at Black Lion Cafe.

Black Lion Cafe is committed to only sourcing its beans from the best purveyors, which is why it works exclusively with farmers like those in Ethiopia. Even its tea comes from rural Ethiopia's Black Lion Simba Tea. So, regardless of how you like your caffeine in the morning, you can expect your drink to be delicious and high quality at Black Lion. Order the Black Lion Blend espresso to experience all three of the Ethiopian varieties of coffee at once, or opt for a premio espresso to savor a single-origin cup.

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