Body and Brain Gaithersburg: Yoga, Tai Chi and Other Calming Classes

At Body and Brain Gaithersburg, the fitness classes aren't just about building physical strength, they're also geared toward creating a calmer mind. From all-levels yoga to energy movement classes, the sessions span a variety of topics and exercise modalities.

Come to the yoga class if you're looking for a way to unwind. Using a mix of stretching, strength training, meditation, and focused breathing, these all-levels classes create a leaner physique and quieter headspace. The core strengthening classes focus on the abdominal muscles, strengthening and stretching them in order to bring better stability and health to the body. Meanwhile, energy movement and Tai Chi classes help to bring balance and energy through specific poses. Classes are held Monday through Saturday at Body and Brain Gaithersburg with several options in the morning and the evening.

Public Domain/Pixabay/geralt
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