Build a Healthy Bowl at Freshii

In a little more than 10 years, a spark of an idea has caught fire all around the world in the form of Freshii. When Matthew Corrin was working for Oscar de la Renta in 2005, he spent a lot of time grabbing food at local mom-and-pop convenience shops. The food was delicious, but their marketing was lacking — to say the least. Corrin decided to take that high-quality food and buoy it with his distinct style and branding to create a quick-serve spot with flair. Freshii was born, and quickly spawned locations all across the globe, including one in Rockville.

From salads and sandwiches to smoothies and rice bowls, Freshii offers healthy options to suit everyone. Build your own bowl with a base of brown rice or spinach, proteins like steak and falafel, and whatever toppings appeal to your taste buds. From quinoa and kale to aged cheddar cheese and broccoli, the options are endless. You can also grab a Banana Nut Crunch smoothie, nosh on peanut butter Energii Bites, or dig into a Tex Mex burrito.

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