Enjoy a Calm or Athletic Flow at Yoga Bliss Studios

Candles flicker. A cozy warmth fills the room. Calming essential oils permeate the air. The Candlelight Warm Flow + Aromatherapy at Yoga Bliss Studios is a guaranteed way to unwind and breathe deeply after a particularly difficult day at the office. Yoga Bliss Studios' instructors guide yogis of all skill levels through this slow-moving class, which is designed specifically to ease stress as it builds strength.

Of course, if you're looking for a session that incorporates cardio and constitutes a grueling workout, Yoga Bliss has that, too. Try the hot Vinyasa flow. In a room heated to 85 degrees, you and your fellow yogis will move quickly from one posture to the next — all while focusing closely on your breath. The up-tempo workout will get you sweating and energized just as effectively as any trip to the gym.

Public Domain/Pixabay/lograstudio
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