Swing Through the Treetops With Go Ape

If you think you have to travel to a tropical location to zipline through the treetops, think again. Go Ape brings the experience right to Rock Creek Regional Park in your neck of the woods. Its aerial obstacle course consists of a mix of zip lines, rope swings, and other fun modes of transportation.

Carve out about two or three hours to explore the course because it stretches more than 2,000 feet total, taking you as high as 50 feet up into the green foliage. A seasoned guide will ensure that you're safely harnessed as you zoom down a 400-foot zip line (just one of six zip lines), carefully cross a trail of suspended wooden planks, and navigate the other 40-plus crossings that connect the zip lines. Remember to wear comfy clothing and close-toed shoes to ensure your safety.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Tabor
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