Tired of the Treadmill? Pure Barre Departs From the Typical Gym Routine

It's hard to believe that the first Pure Barre class unfolded in the basement of an office building in 2001—particularly when you take into consideration that there are now nearly 500 Pure Barre studios across the country. Yet that's exactly how it happened. Founder Carri Rezabek Dorr—a choreographer and all-around fitness enthusiast—pioneered a new exercise craze rooted in ballet. It seems this was no fleeting trend. Pure Barre is still going strong around the country, including a Pure Barre location in Denville.

Sign up for a session at the nearby branch to experience the unique workout firsthand. Each session follows the same general formula, but the instructors mix up the low-impact, isometric movements to keep your muscles confused and constantly changing. You'll start with a warm-up on the floor, followed by some arm work (likely with free weights), thigh-toning, and moves to strengthen your glutes. Then you'll exhaust your abs before cooling down on the floor. You'll use the ballet barre for support and props as necessary to achieve body-changing results via this innovative fitness regime.

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