Get an Adrenaline Rush at iFLY Indoor Skydiving Montgomery

Situated right of I-270 in Montgomery, iFLY Indoor Skydiving provides locals with the chance to experience free falling in a safe, fun environment. The center uses fans in a tunnel space to simulate the free fall portion of skydiving, and people of all ages and abilities can take flight. 

Before you can fly, you put on flight gear and receive instruction focusing on how to move and respond to the instructor in the tunnel. Then, instructors accompany you as you lean into the tunnel, and both are suspended about four feet in the air by four powerful fans. The flights are quick (the standard package offers two flights for one minute each), but that matches the typical skydiving experience.

Two flights for one person are $79.95 for off-peak hours and $89.95 for weekends. Reduced prices are available for groups of six people or more. 

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