Work With Friends to Solve the Puzzles at Rockville Escape Room

Your typical night out probably doesn’t include finding clues, doing puzzles, and asking for hints to escape a themed room — that is, unless you’re an escape room junkie. Check out the escape rooms at Rockville Escape Room for an adrenaline-filled hour of entertainment. 

Current rooms include Pharaoh’s Quest, Zombie Escape, and the popular Great Diamond Heist. Each room has a different difficulty level, so it’s a great activity for escape artists of all ages. Staff is on hand for questions and to give clues, even if you have to do a little extra work to get the hints. And because escape rooms are all about working together, they make a great team building or corporate outing activity. 

Make your reservations online at their site, or keep your eyes peeled for deals on Groupon. Rockville Escape Room is open Tuesday through Sunday, and adventures are by appointment only.

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