Bliss Out After a Long Week at Yoga Bliss Studios

Variety is the name of the game at Yoga Bliss Studios. Their extensive class roster has so options that getting stuck in a yoga rut is nearly impossible. They have the classes you might be familiar with — slow flow, Iyengar, and Hatha —  with a variety of different teachers so that you can choose one that matches your yoga style. 

But they also have interesting options like Yin/Yang, candlelight classes, and more, plus they are constantly introducing new alternative styles. Recently added options like hot yoga sculpt and core flow + inversions are sure to keep your practice interesting and renewed. Add to that their workshops, and Yoga Bliss Studios has more classes than you can explore in a whole year. New students can try Yoga Bliss Studios with 30 days of unlimited yoga for just $50. They also have a popular four or eight class monthly membership that allows you to pay as little as $12 per class. Visit their website to learn more about the team and their class roster, and to sign up today.

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