Experience an Adrenaline Rush on the High Ropes Course at Go Ape

Go Ape now has high-ropes obstacle courses all over the country, but back in 2010, there was just one at Rock Creek Regional Park. The flagship location still welcomes guests to enjoy stunning views of the sprawling park from among the treetops with the birds and other branch-bound critters.

Set aside about two or three hours to tackle the ropes course at Go Ape. From tight ropes to swinging bridges, Go Ape’s course offers a new adventure at every turn. Since you’re safely harnessed in the entire time, you don’t have to worry about a misstep. You can just enjoy the physical activity and fresh air as you explore the foliage up close at Rock Creek Regional Park. Book an appointment online to experience the adrenaline rush of the high ropes course at Go Ape.

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