What to Do This Weekend: Defy Gravity at iFly Montgomery

Let’s be honest, not many have the guts to dive out of a plane. But why not experience the same adrenaline rush a little closer to Earth? iFly Indoor Skydiving in Montgomery gives adventure seekers just that at their indoor wind tunnel which helps visitors simulate the thrilling sky diving experience. The best part? It’s open to all ages, unlike its rather daring counterpart. 

Over the span of one hour, you’ll be welcomed by a flying expert and given an all-encompassing orientation that will show you all the tips and tricks, as well as ensure your safety during your experience. You’ll then suit up, hop into the tunnel and fly around at your leisure! You can go in twice during your reservation time and can always purchase more flights if you become hooked. They also have a new VR experience which will allow you to fly through far away lands while in the tunnel for an entirely different experience. 

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