Now Open Near Mallory Square: Teamania!

Since its grand opening in June, Teamania has been winning over a loyal clientele, as this bakery fills a unique niche in Rockville’s current food options. It’s a full service, sit-down bakery with Asian-European culinary influences. Not sure what that means? It means you can order milk tea with tapioca pearls alongside a lemon curd tart, or you can get a pot of osmanthus oolong tea along with a slice of hazelnut chocolate mousse. 

The combinations are endless, but the menu basically falls into two categories: Asian-style teas to drink, and European-style pastries to eat, and Yelp reviewers say it’s a magical combination of flavors and textures. Sit-down service is standard, but Teamania does plenty of to-go orders, too, so you can get your drink while you’re on the run, or you can order a custom cake to pick up and serve for dessert at home.

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