Work With Friends to Solve the Puzzles at Rockville Escape Room

Your typical night out probably doesn’t include finding clues, doing puzzles, and asking for hints to escape a themed room — that is, unless you’re an escape room junkie. Check out the escape rooms at Rockville Escape Room for an adrenaline-filled hour of entertainment. 

Current rooms include Pharaoh’s Quest, Zombie…

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Grab Dinner From the Conveyor Belt at Urban Hot Pot

If you come to Urban Hot Pot, a new Rockville eatery, make sure to snag a seat at one of the middle tables. They surround the central conveyor belt, which carries all types of meats, veggies, and seafood. You simply pluck what you want from the moving…

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Fuel Up on Healthy Fare at Poki DC

Poki DC opened its doors just a few weeks ago, and this popular Hawaiian-style eatery is emblematic of the newest trends in fast-casual dining. You won't find any greasy, fried foods here. Instead, all the ingredients are ultra-fresh (in fact, many are locally sourced) and the menu…

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