Let Little Ones Bounce Off Extra Energy at ZavaZone

Rainy weekends are the enemy of parents trying to keep their kids entertained, particularly if those kids span a large age range. It's nearly impossible to find an indoor activity that suits all of your youngsters. It was this problem that the founders of ZavaZone attempted to…

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Enjoy a Soothing Session at Mire Yoga

Svaroopa yoga is a far cry from athletic Vinyasa or sweat-inducing Bikram. Svaroopa focuses more on alleviating stress than burning calories, which is exactly what drew Michele, the owner of Mire Yoga, to the practice in the first place. Now she's a Certified Svaroopa Yoga Teacher, but…

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Chow Down on Creole Crab at Live Crawfish & Seafood

It's common knowledge that Rockville locals love their seafood, so it's a pretty big deal for a brand-new seafood restaurant to capture rave reviews, but that's exactly what Live Crawfish & Seafood has done since opening its doors just a couple of months ago.

The menu here is…

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