Bounce Your Way to a Fun Afternoon at Sky Zone Gaithersburg

If you think that Sky Zone Gaithersburg is strictly trampolines, think again. The indoor playground recently debuted a new vertical obstacle course called SkyClimb that depart from the typical trampoline park. The staff will harness you into the auto-belay system safely and then let you scale the…

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People of All Ages Can Take Classes at Opus Yoga

Opus Yoga in Gaithersburg is a welcoming, community-minded studio offering a variety of yoga classes, including Hatha, Flow, Yin, and Gentle classes. The studio is owned by Sharon Neubauer, who balances a rigorous practice and impeccable alignment with humor, compassion, and a sense of fun.

“Opus” means work…

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Enjoy Shaved Ice or a Smoothie at Miele Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth, try a different kind of dessert at Miele Bakery. The bakery actually specializes in a frozen treat: Korean bingsoo, or shaved ice. Miele boasts a lineup of specialty bingsoo flavors that range from green tea and black sesame to mango and strawberry….

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