Work in Rockville? Live at Mallory Square

Rockville, MD is quickly becoming the epicenter of industry. Hundreds of companies have made Rockville their home, and we have the perfect home for those companies’ employees — Mallory Square.

Glaxo Smith Kline, Otsuka America, Sucampo Pharmaceutical and more have facilities in Rockville, close to Mallory Square, and we have…

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Rockville, MD Living Hacks

When you move to Mallory Square in Rockville, MD, you need to know how to live like a local!

Rockville living hacks are the best way to know where to shop, eat, and play in Rockville.


Liquid Blue

The Cottage Monet


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A Very Mallory Square Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving at Mallory Square is a breeze. Invite all of your friends and family for the Holidays, because your home was built for this.

Before they even come to town, book the guest suite in advance or put them up in your second bedroom floor…

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