Easy Living for Your Guests at Mallory Square

When you move to the DC area, people love to visit. Friends and family come out of the woodwork, eager to experience the nation’s capital and take advantage of a place to stay. Make your life easier, and theirs, by utilizing the guest suite available to

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New Years Eve Rockville

Celebrate a Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in Rockville

Whether you like to sit on the couch, watch the ball drop and drink champagne with friends, or go to a huge party in the District, there’s fun to be had in and around Mallory Square apartments. Ring in 2015 in your own way with…

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Potluck Problems? We’ve Got Solutions!

Preparing for a last-minute potluck

Sometimes, the office holiday potluck sneaks up on you, or your friend asks you to bring something to their annual Christmas party at the very last minute. It’s a great excuse to spend some time in your chef-inspired kitchen at Mallory Square, use those beautiful built-in stainless steel…

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